Covid has thrown a wrench in the works for a lot of organizations, and ours is no different. We have been part of a few big successes in last eighteen months, the biggest one being the new bike way and bike lane on Yonge street in Toronto. It was a huge breakthrough and opens the doors to more infrastructure in the under-served midtown city area. However, it also seems that because of the success, we’ve seen a drop-off in engagement as well which has been a little frustrating. Because of Covid, we haven’t been able to do outreach to bring new people in. We feel like we are kind of treading water. We’re planning how to go forward and rebuild, but we need fresh faces and fresh ideas and energy to work on these strategies. Although we managed to get the first leg of bike lanes opened, we need to continue with significant campaigns for other major routes in our area. We still have lots o f work to do, but first we need to ensure that we have enough. It seems with Covid that people are getting tired and overwhelmed, so we are still figuring out what is the best way forward to engage or re-engage volunteers and to look for other groups to collaborate with.