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    Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions related to the Future Ground Network.

Frequently asked questions


Below you’ll find answers to some common questions related to the Future Ground Network.

Why did the David Suzuki Foundation launch this initiative?

The David Suzuki Foundation believes that the most effective global climate change solutions begin at the local level. As a trusted environmental charity with access to resources and policy expertise, we want to support grassroots organizers, who are tackling local issues that matter to their communities.

Who is eligible to join the network?

Future Ground Network supports groups taking action to secure healthier, more viable futures in the areas of climate justice, biodiversity, waste reduction and sustainable systems. We are currently accepting groups of four or more members. Your group can be volunteer or staff-run, either a registered non-profit or a community-led initiative. We cannot accept for-profit initiatives or organizations as network members.

In future, we plan to run a program designed for individuals who want to become community organizers to help guide them in starting a local group. If this interests you, join the waitlist here.

How can I join?

Two to three members of your group must apply by signing the Local Group Agreement, thereby agreeing to respect our Charter of Values. We will review your application to make sure your group is a good fit. If your group is accepted, we will invite you to a community welcome call. If we have follow-up questions for you, we will contact you. 

Please be patient with your application. Between February and March 2021, we have capacity to onboard a maximum of 50 new member groups. If we do not have space for you during that time, we will let you know when we are able to support your group. 

Will all members of my local group automatically become network members?

All members of your group will be able to access resources and trainings. However, we ask that only 2-3 of your most active group members represent your group at our welcome calls and in our virtual community workspace on Slack. Those 2-3 members will have direct access to one-on-one support through Future Ground Network and will receive regular emails with updates about trainings and other resources, which you’ll be encouraged to forward to the rest of your group. All of your active group members are welcome to attend webinars.

What’s in it for me?

The David Suzuki Foundation offers free access to digital tools and training webinars with the aim of increasing your group’s impact. Webinars cover a variety of topics such as strategy and tactics, engaging your municipal council, decolonization, building communities of care and intergenerational climate organizing. As an organizer, you’ll fuel the network by sharing ideas and best practices with other groups. You can also help inform the training topics we offer. For more details, please see our value proposition.

Is there a cost to join the network?

No! Network membership is free of charge. Our intention is to provide accessible training and digital tools, and we recognize how difficult it is to fundraise at the grassroots level. We ask that you reciprocate by sharing your knowledge and experience with other members via our Slack workspace and during webinars.

What if I can’t attend many of the webinars and trainings?

That’s okay! We understand that you’re busy and likely have commitments beyond your organizing work. We also understand that not all participating groups have the time and resources to participate fully while dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. We hope you can still join us to benefit from network resources when you can. We recommend that you forward our emails with information about upcoming trainings to the rest of your active group membership so that others can benefit from it and share their learnings.

By joining Future Ground Network, are we officially affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation?

No, network membership does not constitute a legal or brand affiliation. The David Suzuki Foundation is a convener and facilitator of Future Ground Network. Groups can identify themselves as members of Future Ground Network, an project of the David Suzuki Foundation. The words and actions of member groups do not necessarily reflect the values of the David Suzuki Foundation. Groups will not have access to the David Suzuki Foundation’s brand, email list or charitable status number.

Do network members gain access to funding opportunities?

Membership provides you access to an experienced Grant Writing “Superteam” to support you with relevant funding opportunities. This Superteam will work directly with member groups to provide hands on support with the grant application process.

We endeavour to respond within 5 business days to your message. Please refer to the FAQ section above for common answers.

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