During my time in high school, I was part of the Environment Club and the Social Impact Club and there was high engagement with the two clubs, we had high turnout rates and lots of people would participate. Some examples of programs we had were our recycling programs, lots of people would participate during their breaks and lunches. Because we had a high engagement level and were able to spread awareness and speak peer-to-peer, all these factors made our work successful.

I’ve also participated in the Climate strike in Sept 2019 and got to meet the Mayor of the town as well as meet key stakeholders and decision makers. I felt empowered participating in this event, a lot of people have said that participating in strikes is useless, but being able to be part of the conversation was impactful as my voice was heard and this is proof that youth voices do have a role in this conversation. I got to deliver a speech of 15-20 minutes during that time. There should be more engagement, more training and educational tools.